Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To All Who Come to This Happy Place....Welcome!

Welcome to the official "Purple Folder: Wait Watcher" blog.

Okay, so here's the deal. We are at the beginning of the longest 2-6 weeks ever. During this time, you will check your email more times then you ever dreamed. You will walk to your mail box three times a day just in case the mailman is taking a page out of Santa Clause's book by delivering mail at 1 in the morning. You will be sitting in your classes hearing "Math, Math, Math" but when you look at the notes you took, all you see is "Disney, Disney, Disney." That is where this blog comes in.

If this little experiment works, those of you participating will be able to assist those who are waiting (and yourselves) by taking your minds off of checking to to see if there is any new news. How this works is:

This will sort of be "College Program TV." On this blog you will be able to watch videos pertaining to Disney World, Disnelyand, and the Disney College Program.And best of all, I want everybody to contribute to it. You can add your favorite Disney Youtube videos or your vlogs or whatever. All you have to do "create a new post", put your first name (if you have a blog include a link to your blog so other people can see your main page), and the videos. This isn't meant to replace your blogs but rather to be an extension that connects all the blogs out there.

If this works then great. If it doesn't oh well. If you want to be a video contributor to the blog, just send me a message on facebook and I'll send you the username and password. If I'm missed anything, just pm your questions.

Have a Magical Day!!!!

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