Sunday, January 31, 2010

Old School WDW commericals

Hey everyone! Laura here. I have my blog at My addition to our loverly wait blog is to bring you the old school Disney World commercials that we all grew up watching and loved. Enjoy!

And this one's not WDW, but DCL. but I love it anyway... :)

And because the Superbowl is next week, I figured I should add one of the "I'm Going to Disney World" ones...

Disneyland Goes to the New York World's Fair (1964)

Hey everybody!
My name is Emily, I blog and vlog over at the Magic Magic Mouseketeer! I love the Wonderful World of Color and all that old Disney TV stuff -- so I was really excited to find this great special to share with you... Disneyland Goes to the New York World's Fair!

In it, Walt hosts a great workshop tour. You get to see imagineers working on animatronics at all stages of completion and tour some of the finished attractions too! Including... Magic Skyway/Disnoaurs & Cavemen, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, Carrousel of Progress, plenty of Small World, and even some fireworks!

The end! I hope you enjoyed it! ♥ Emily

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Boy Meets World and Full House

Hello everyone! The name is Sara (shameless blog promotion!) One of my favorite things to watch when I was younger were all the "Going to Disney" specials ABC's TV shows used to do. Could you imagine them doing that now? "What are you going to do now that you're off the island, Hurley?" "I'm going to Disney World!" But I digress it's always fun to walk down memory lane and watch these episodes. Here are two of my favorite shows growing up having fun with the mouse.



Unwrapped: Walt Disney World

Hey, Ann here. I don't have a blog or a vlog (yet, lol). I always tell myself I'll start a blog but it never happens. Anywho, thought I'd still like to share something that I was a while ago. I thought since a whole bunch of us will end up in food areas, thought i'd share this special of Unwrapped.

George Lopez & Sabrina

John (The Purple Folder)

George Lopez Goes to Disneyland

And Sabrina the Teenage Witch goes to Disney World

Have a Magical Day!!!!!


Lyanne (Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas)

Hello again everybody! Just posting videos from Disney World's main fireworks/nighttime shows or however you wanna call them. :P
Starting with Wishes! Just because it's my favorite. Also IllumiNations and Fantasmic! Enjoy. :)

Hiya, Folks!

Hey guys! Abby here - maybe you've seen my blog (Abby in Wonderland) or my youtube channel. (If not, it's okay, I promise.) I thought, to start off, I'd just share a hodgepodge of my favorite videos with you.
ONE: Disney Parks on YouTube - "Inside Walt Disney Imagineering"
My ultimate goal in working for Disney is to become an Imagineer, a la Tony Baxter (who is featured in this video). Have a taste...


TWO: "At the Happiest Place on Earth" : A Walt Disney World Montage

Ariel is fantastic.


Next I plan on posting a series of particularly good videos from my favorite Disney Vloggers, so stay tuned for that! :) And I'll periodically post more favorites hodgepodges too.

Family Matters to to Disney World

John (The Purple Folder):

Its TV time. Family Matters go to Disney World. ENJOY!

Have a Magical Day!!!!!!!!!

Disney Sing Along Songs

Hey everyone! It's Molly from Working For The Mouse.

Does anyone remember the Disney Sing Along Songs video series? I used to watch them when I was a kid. Mr. Owl is your host as lyrics of your favorite Disney songs are displayed at the bottom. The series consists of five or six different videos. One of them was called Disney Sing Along Songs - Disneyland Friends. Sing along to the happiest songs on earth at the happiest place on earth -- Disneyland.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Disney on Broadway

Hello everybody! It's Lyanne(from the blog Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas )

For this post I wanted to steer away a little from Disney parks and post videos of Disney musicals on Broadway. If you're like me, you haven't been able to see any of these musicals (or any Broadway musical for that matter) but really really wish to do so. This is why I LOVE to watch the DisneyOnBroadway channel on youtube.
With that said, I leave with one video (might be a trailer, sneak peak or even an entire song) of each Disney Broadway musical in order of the year they opened at Broadway. There are lots more videos on the youtube channel so feel free to watch those as well if you haven't yet. Enjoy!

Beauty and the Beast (1994)

The Lion King (1997)

Aida (2000)

Tarzan (May 2006)

Mary Poppins (November 2006)
[This in the entire number for "Step in Time" which is awesome!]

The Little Mermaid (2008)

Waiting and Disney Cruise Line

Travis (Travis' WDWCP Fall 2010 Blog):

Hey all. This is Travis. I'm currently waiting with the rest of you for hopefully my purple folder. I was told by my interviewer on Tuesday that I would find out a decision in 3-4 weeks. Hopefully I find something out around that time. Anyway, I want to introduce you all to my first vlog I made last week. It is a simple introduction of myself and the roles I am interesting in doing for the WDWCP Fall 2010:

I am excited not only because I'm waiting for the decision, but also because I'm going to Disney this weekend, but it's not Walt Disney World. I am sailing away on the Disney Wonder (part of Disney Cruise Line) for a 4-night cruise to the Bahamas and Castaway Cay. It is my 4th cruise with Disney Cruise Line and the first time I will be cruising as an adult. I can't wait to get on the ship. I will be sailing from January 31st through February 4th. During this time, I will not be on the Facebook group or the chat room because internet rates on the ship are expensive and I'm on vacation. ;) However, I do plan on taking my video camera making a vlog when I get back to show you what the ship looks like. :)

To stay on the Disney Cruise Line theme, I'm going to leave you all with a video of DCL's newest ship coming in 2011, the Disney Dream. It will have a water coaster attached to it called the AquaDuck. Check out the video below:

Good luck to everyone interviewing while I'm on the ship. I hope we all get purple folders in the future. Have a magical day! :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

You'll feel like you're there...

Hey guys! This is Jenn (check out my blog) and I have some great tips for easing the pain of the purple folder wait.

Whenever I have a WDW vacation planned, I watch videos of the attractions to pass the time. I'm doing it now as I wait for that special folder, and I thought it may help you, too!

Plus, you will feel like you're right there in the middle of the magic. :)

First, I found this amazing video of Splash Mountain in HD!

Then, Abby showed me a video of this great skipper on The World Famous Jungle Cruise!

Here's a pretty good (but old) video of everyone's favorite The Great Movie Ride.

Last but certainly not least, Pirates of the Caribbean! Can't you just smell that Disney water boat ride...smell?

I hope you enjoyed these, and I encourage you to hop over to youtube and watch some of your favorite rides! :)

Cast Member Stories & Travel Channel

John (The Purple Folder):

Some great videos today. The first is from the Christmas Parade during the Year of a Million Dreams about Cast Members making Dreams come true. The second is a great travel channel documentary about the four parks. And don't forget, if you want to contribute videos to the blog, just message me on Facebook and I'll send you the log in information. ENJOY:

Something special about being a Cast Member

Great Travel Channel Disney World Documentary (Season of Disney)

Have a Magical Day!!!


Hey guys, It's Lauren from and!

I think this blog is an awesome idea, and i'm going to post some of my favorite youtube videos that are helping me pass the time until we hear back from Disney!

So these videos are actually from the Disneyland resort, but a user named Briberry on youtube posts these really awesome videos of The Mad Hatter and his friends at the Disneyland Resort! Here are a few of my favorites!:

Anyway, check out the link to her Channel! There are a bunch of great videos!!

Also, wanted to point of a few "CP VLOGGERS OF NOTE!" You've all probably seen their vlogs already, but here ya go anyway!

Ryan O

Have a magical day!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stop and Stare!

John (The Purple Folder):

A few acoustic covers of Disney songs:

Have a Magical Day!!!

To All Who Come to This Happy Place....Welcome!

Welcome to the official "Purple Folder: Wait Watcher" blog.

Okay, so here's the deal. We are at the beginning of the longest 2-6 weeks ever. During this time, you will check your email more times then you ever dreamed. You will walk to your mail box three times a day just in case the mailman is taking a page out of Santa Clause's book by delivering mail at 1 in the morning. You will be sitting in your classes hearing "Math, Math, Math" but when you look at the notes you took, all you see is "Disney, Disney, Disney." That is where this blog comes in.

If this little experiment works, those of you participating will be able to assist those who are waiting (and yourselves) by taking your minds off of checking to to see if there is any new news. How this works is:

This will sort of be "College Program TV." On this blog you will be able to watch videos pertaining to Disney World, Disnelyand, and the Disney College Program.And best of all, I want everybody to contribute to it. You can add your favorite Disney Youtube videos or your vlogs or whatever. All you have to do "create a new post", put your first name (if you have a blog include a link to your blog so other people can see your main page), and the videos. This isn't meant to replace your blogs but rather to be an extension that connects all the blogs out there.

If this works then great. If it doesn't oh well. If you want to be a video contributor to the blog, just send me a message on facebook and I'll send you the username and password. If I'm missed anything, just pm your questions.

Have a Magical Day!!!!