Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hiya, Folks!

Hey guys! Abby here - maybe you've seen my blog (Abby in Wonderland) or my youtube channel. (If not, it's okay, I promise.) I thought, to start off, I'd just share a hodgepodge of my favorite videos with you.
ONE: Disney Parks on YouTube - "Inside Walt Disney Imagineering"
My ultimate goal in working for Disney is to become an Imagineer, a la Tony Baxter (who is featured in this video). Have a taste...


TWO: "At the Happiest Place on Earth" : A Walt Disney World Montage

Ariel is fantastic.


Next I plan on posting a series of particularly good videos from my favorite Disney Vloggers, so stay tuned for that! :) And I'll periodically post more favorites hodgepodges too.

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