Monday, February 1, 2010

CP Vlog Hall o' Fame!

Abby again, with the as-promised vlog post! This is by no means a comprehensive list of past/Spring CP Vloggers. They're just ones I happen to particularly enjoy.

First of all, there's John Henselmeier. His vlogs are so hilarious I can't possibly pick a single favorite one. Just watch them all. You won't regret it AND it will definitely help pass the time between now and getting your purple email/folder because he has like 40 of them.

This one is great though because it's about something we are all too familiar with....

Ryan O is another hilarious vlogger who's on his program RIGHT NOW doing Main Entrance Ops at the Magic Kingdom. I love this vlog just because it has "Wishes" in it. But he's awesome and willing to do anything... like talk in a pseudo-Australian accent for an entire vlog set in Animal Kingdom...

Finally, I will leave you with Will, also currently on Spring 2010... I believe in merchandise? Here's a great vlog featuring Ryan O about when he auditioned for Character Performer:

And of course you should check out my vlog ;) and the WDWCP Fall 2010 channel!!

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